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People / Partners

FOSTER-LIS is made possible, in concept and in practice, largely due to the generosity of Cross Sound Ferries, Inc. Thanks are due particularly to John and Adam Wronowski for their early and sustained support, in the form of in-kind use of the ferry for oceanographic sampling and providing the research team access to the vessel. Continuing cooperation and technical assistance from Dick Sise and the captains and crews of the MV John H. has been essential to project success.

Funding to establish FOSTER-LIS came from the Connecticut Sea Grant College Program through award R/ER-21 in 2002. Continued support has been provided via the Long Island Sound Study through cooperative agreement LI-97106001 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and as part of Grant 0825812 from the Physical Oceanography program of the National Science Foundation.

At the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, Dan Codiga coordinates the project. Peter Cornillon provided guidance, particularly about data management, in the early stages. Chris Bryan maintained the ferry sensors during the 2010-2011 sampling, while completing his Ocean Engineering major. Amit Nehra carried out the post-processing of the 2010-2011 observations as a 2011 summer intern. The ferry passenger display outreach posters (PDF file, 1.2 megs) were developed by Anne Marie Monaco and Jim Opaluch of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, with graphic design by Darrell McIntire of the Office of Marine Programs.

At the University of Connecticut, Dirk Aurin managed sampling instrumentation, and developed data reduction and analysis methodology. Dennis Arbige installed and maintained system electronics, including navigation and real-time data display equipment. Gary Grenier designed and built custom mounting hardware. Jim O’Donnell helped facilitate equipment loans.

John St John and colleagues at Hydroqual Inc. provided suggestions on the format of the gridded data products.

The website was developed by Felix Yanko. Illustrations are by Susan Stone.

FOSTER-LIS is part of a joint sound-wide Long Island Sound Ferry-based Observation System. Colleagues Bob Wilson and Duane Waliser established the SoundScience program and carry out similar ferry-based oceanographic sampling in central Long Island Sound.