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Research Project Areas Udintsev Fracture Zone Drake Passage KESS KGAP East China Sea ASTTEX Gulf of Mexico Japan/East Sea Labrador Sea SAFDE NAC ASUKA SYNOP
Research Projects and URI/GSO Principal Investigators

SEIR Kathleen Donohue
D. Randolph Watts
Eddy fluxes across the Southern Antarctic Circumpolar Current Front near Southeast Indian Ridge
Field Program: 2021-2024
UGOS1 D. Randolph Watts
Kathleen Donohue
Understanding Gulf Ocean Systems: Topic 2, Pressure and Current Meters
Field Program: 2019-2021
Cascadia Meng Wei
D. Randolph Watts
Kathleen Donohue
Quantification of Ocean Water Column Contributions to Bottom Pressure offshore Cascadia using Current and Pressure Recording Inverted Echo Sounders
Field Program: 2017
UFZ D. Randolph Watts
Kathleen Donohue
Cross-Frontal Fluxes in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current near Udintdev Fracture Zone
Field Program: 2016-2018
KGAP Jae-Hun Park
Mark Wimbush
Measuring the flow through the Kerama Gap
Field Program: 2009-2011
dynloop Kathleen Donohue
D. Randolph Watts
Dynamics of the Loop Current in U.S. Waters
Field Program: 2009-2011
cDrake Kathleen Donohue
D. Randolph Watts
Dynamics and Transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current in Drake Passage
Field Program: 2007-2011
KESS D. Randolph Watts
Kathleen Donohue
Kuroshio Extension System Study
Field Program: 2004-2006
ECS Mark Wimbush
D. Randolph Watts
East China Sea
Kuroshio Variability on the Shelf of the East China Sea
Field Program: 2002-2004
ASTTEX D. Randolph Watts
Agulhas-South Atlantic Thermohaline Experiment
Field Program: 2003-2005
GOM Kathleen Donohue
D. Randolph Watts
Gulf of Mexico
Field Programs: Eastern Gulf: 2004-2006, Western Gulf: 2004-2005,
Central Gulf: 2003-2004
  D. Randolph Watts
Jae-Hun Park
Internal Tides and Inertial Oscillations: Analysis of Observations in the
Gulf Stream South of New England
JES D. Randolph Watts
Mark Wimbush
Japan/East Sea
Shallow and Deep Current Variability in the Southwestern Japan/East Sea
Field Program: 1999-2001
  D. Randolph Watts
Issac Ginis
Georgi Sutyrin
Processes Coupling the Upper and Deep Ocean on the Continental Slope
  D. Randolph Watts
Mark Prater
Labrador Sea
Field Program: 1995-1998
SAFDE D. Randolph Watts
The Sub-Antarctic Flux and Dynamics Experiment
Field Program: 1995-1997
NAC D. Randolph Watts
North Atlantic Current Experiment
Field Program: 1993-1995
ASUKA Mark Wimbush
The Kuroshio off Southern Japan: Analysis of Data from the ASUKA Study
Field Program: 1993-1995
SYNOP D. Randolph Watts SYNOP
Synoptic Ocean Prediction
Field Program 1987-1990

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