Dr. Steven Holbrook
University of Wyoming
Scheduled to present on October 21, 2005

"Seismic Oceanography: Imaging Thermohaline Finestructure with Reflection Seismology"

Figure: Time-lapse images, ~2 days apart, of finestructure across the North Atlantic Front, Newfoundland Basin. Images are ~250 km across and 4.5 km deep.

This talk will present a new application of marine reflection seismology -- the imaging of thermohaline finestructure in the oceanís interior (Holbrook et al., Science, 2003; Nandi et al., GRL, 2004; Holbrook and Fer, GRL, 2005). The reflection method is ideally tuned to detect thermohaline finestructure in the ocean, with sensitivity down to temperature contrasts of ~0.05įC. The resulting images show the ocean in a way it's never been seen before and include many features relevant to mixing processes in the ocean, such as water-mass boundaries, intrusions, mesoscale eddies, internal waves, and turbulent boundary layers.