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Peter Cornillon, remote sensing oceanography
Kathleen Donohue, ocean circulation
Isaac Ginis, structure and dynamics of the coupled ocean-atmosphere system
Tetsu Hara, surface waves, air-sea interaction
Melissa Omand, submesoscale processes, carbon export, ocean productivity
Lewis Rothstein, geophysical fluid dynamics, equatorial dynamics

Research Faculty

David L. Hebert, small-scale mixing processes
D. Randolph Watts, dynamics of ocean currents and fronts

Emeritus Faculty

David Farmer, stratified flow past topography; acoustical oceanography
H. Thomas Rossby, ocean circulation and instrumentation
Mark Wimbush, turbulence, tides and waves, Kuroshio
James Yoder, biological oceanography, remote sensing

Affiliated Faculty

Christopher Kincaid, geophysics, fluid dynamics, coastal circulation
Jaime Palter, air-sea exchange, biogeochemistry, ocean circulation

Marine Research Scientists

Igor Belkin, ocean fronts from in situ and satellite data
Dan Codiga, estuarine, coastal, and shelf systems
Georgi Sutyrin, theoretical geophysical dynamics
David Ullman, coastal oceanography from remote sensing

Research Staff

Brahim Boussidi, Postdoctoral Fellow
Sandra Fontana, Marine Research Specialist V
Annie Foppert
Daniel Holloway, Assistant Director, Remote Sensing Lab
Maureen Kennelly, Marine Research Specialist III
Christopher Kerr, Visiting Scientist, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Laura Reed, Marine Research Specialist I
Erran Sousa, Associate Marine Development Engineer I
Biju Thomas, Marine Research Associate IV
Karen Tracey, Marine Research Specialist V

Graduate Students

Arash Bigdeli - Major Professor Brice Loose
Xuanyu Chen - Major Professor Isaac Ginis
Lisa DePace - Major Professor Brice Loose
Melanie Feen - Major Professor Melissa Omand
Afonso Goncalves - Major Professor Jaime Palter
Nyla Husain - Major Professor Tetsu Hara
Alexis Johnson - Major Professor Tetsu Hara
Catrina Nowakowski - Major Professor Isaac Ginis
Kevin Rosa - Major Professor Chris Kincaid
Donald Rudnickas - Major Professor Jaime Palter
Emma Thomas - Major Professor Kathleen Donohue
Noah Walcutt - Major Professor Melissa Omand
Xiao-Hui Zhou - Major Professor Lewis Rothstein

Last updated: 10/26/2016